🧚‍♂️Spiritual ASMR: Whispered Reiki & Crystal Wand Energy Healing🧚‍♂️

🧚‍♂️Spiritual ASMR: Whispered Reiki & Crystal Wand Energy Healing🧚‍♂️

Today I’ll use reiki and crystal wand healing energy to cut your negative or low frequency energy cords. This will help restore your vitality and encourage positive, healthy energy flow. Relax and enjoy whispered healing and layered visual and ambient music effects:)

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About me:
Hello Everyone! After watching ASMR videos for years during some of my toughest times, I finally mustered the courage to start my own. It’s my sincerest hope that this channel brings you a sense of comfort, peace, joy, love, and of course… tingles! The past two years have been an incredible time of change for me. I got sick and, as a result, my life path shifted dramatically. After spending countless hours reading, praying, sitting with myself and my thoughts (and of course watching ASMR videos), I decided to quit my job and move cross-country. My illness was a life-changing experience and it has inspired me to try to share some of the wisdom and words of encouragement that I’ve collected along the way. I hope you feel the love and compassion I have for all of you. As I’m new to this, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, experiences and any feedback you may have. This is a fantastic experiment that I am so very thrilled to take part in with you. I have the utmost respect for individual belief systems built on love and faith, and do not subscribe to any one in particular. I’ve read a lot about the power of prayer and our collective thoughts and positive energy. My goal is to harness that power and nurture this community we create together to inspire growth and spiritual enrichment, relaxation and comfort. This is for all of my fellow Seekers out there!! I can’t wait to see what we discover together…

The Seeker ASMR YouTube channel is intended for relaxation and entertainment purposes only, and should not be construed as medical, legal or financial advice on any subject matter. While much of the subject matter discussed touches on physical, mental and spiritual well-being, Seeker ASMR asks that you accept any and all information given to you by the Seeker ASMR channel in a strictly metaphysical nature only. The content of this Seeker ASMR channel may include material that is informative by nature, but it is strictly for entertainment purposes only and should never be taken as advice. The Seeker ASMR channel will not accept responsibility for any action that you personally take that is derived from video content or through any other means of communication.
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