How to shed those extra pounds using these tricks and workout techniques

We always put on more weight in the winter, but then, as it gets hot, it’s getting harder and harder to lose it. So, in this video, I prepared a program for you that will help you shed those extra pounds for the summer in no time.
I show you the perfect recipe to make your own smoothie that will help you boost your metabolism. You’ll need some ginger, some cucumber, parsley, and lemon juice and then mix everything together in the blender.
To get rid of stretch marks. Simply take an aloe vera leaves. Rub it on your skin and in just a few weeks they’ll be gone
But it’s not just natural remedies. There are many workouts you can try from home that will strengthen your entire body. You can do them while laying on the couch while putting your dishes away or while mopping the floor. These are the lunges, squats, bicycle crunches and many more.
Another thing you can try that will help you lose weight is yoga. It will strengthen your core, improve your balance and some of the yoga poses to boost your metabolism too. Watch until the end to find out how to make your own body scrub.

0:07 – Natural remedy for weight loss
0:57 – How to work out your body while doing housework
2:07 – Side Squats
2:57 – Sitting plank
4:01 – How to get rid of cellulite
4:27 – Helpful yoga poses
6:41 – Revolved side angle pose
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