ASMR Reiki Role Play For Energy Healing & Reiki Symbols & Relaxing Hand Movements (ENG, Soft Spoken)

ASMR Reiki Role Play For Energy Healing & Reiki Symbols & Relaxing Hand Movements (ENG, Soft Spoken)


This is my first Reiki ASMR video and I really hope that made it right 🙂
In this role play I’m trying to heal your chakra by using reiki practice. I will use three reiki symbols for this: Choku Rei, Sei He Ki, Dai Ko Myo. First of all I’ll get some positive energy to be powerful enough to help you with Choku Rei symbol. After this I’ll check your energy field by using relaxing hand movements and this symbol again. Then I’ll help you to concentrate on your feelings with Sei He Ki symbol. When I find all points of negative energy I’ll help you to clean your chakra. In the end I’ll bring you some light energy with Dai Ko Myo symbol.
Hope, it will be relaxing and helpful!


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