#BackToKeto – I lost 6lbs after 1 week on the Keto Diet (includes diet plan with vegetarian option)

#BackToKeto – I lost 6lbs after 1 week on the Keto Diet (includes diet plan with vegetarian option)


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So after a whole week on Keto I lost 2.8kgs/6lbs. This included eating according to my macros and staying in a calorie deficit and I was also working out. I worked out 4 times this week. I also played drums everyday which actually is quite a workout.

My basic meal plan idea for people struggling with Keto is the following.
Do Intermittent fasting, whether it’s just 12 hours or 16 hours of fasting doesn’t matter, start somewhere.
My video on IF:

So for your first meal which is either brunch or lunch
Eggs – Any way you like, 2-3-4 depending on your calorie intake. Along with this the options are avocado, spinach, kale, a salad or even bacon/ham/sausage and Keto bread

For main meal – Any of my Keto curries eaten with cauliflower rice or with the Keto naan or even keto bread.

Snacks – Cheese, nuts, bacon, sausages, lettuce wraps or event fat bombs.

Dessert – Easiest is a bowl of full fat yoghurt with berries or make any of my keto desserts and eat a portion.

Bullet proof coffee is good for a meal replacement or if you just feeling hungry and need something to get you to the next meal.

I would also suggest making a big batch of my Keto soups and keep that handy. You can do a new one every week.

This should be enough to help you kick start you process. You can follow mine on my MFP account.

My profile on MFP:

The song at the end is ‘Kurma – The Tortoise’ by Demonic Resurrection and you can listen to the full song at

Exercise channel I follow Barbarian Body

Here are the Bicep/Triceps workout I did:

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