China economic data retail sales investment increased 5

China economic data retail sales investment increased 5.2% in January to a $2.5 billion in 201슬롯 머신5, pushing the expansion into its third month of expansion this year.

The data comes just as the economy’s latest growth numbers are released on Wednesday. The official data shows China added 7.3 million jobs in January — almost twice as many as previously estimated, with a growth rate of 7.6%.

The country’s manufacturing output was bolstered by improved demand from India, which added its first official manufacturing jobs in a decade in January. Japan, whose output in the first quarter dipped as Chinese exports fell, posted an impressive monthly gain, posting a 6.9% increase in manufacturing activity last month.

China’s growth rate slipped to 2.5% in the fourth quarter, as China’s economic slowdown and an uptick in a string of credit crisis-induced consumer and business woes weighed on economic growth for much of this year. A year ago, the government forecast the economy would grow 5.9% in 2014.

The country’s growth may have stalled somewhat 이천출장마사지for the first time since 2007 at the start of the year — it was down more than 6% in December from December of 2011 — but the trend, which has been accelerating over the last several years, is likely to persist into the near future.

The China Business Council, a private research group, said its survey, which tracked more than 100 industries, showed the top 25 countries for annual growth were all in the top five, with manufacturing leading the way.

“The data showed that a weak first quarter was a major driver for recent gains,” the group said. “For this sector of the economy, the growth is likely to rebound in 2016.”

However, the government and corporate analysts have been wary of calling the last quarter’s gains an outlier and pointing to another strong start to 2015, when China posted its largest annual growth figure since 2008 and held off on announcing major business-friendly initiatives, such as free education and an increase in the number of universities.

Industry surveys of companies can also lead to a better sense of where growth is. In December, the China Association of International Industry블랙 잭, which is the premier association for multinationals, published an annual report that showed more than 300 of the country’s top corporate executives, including President Xi Jinping, had predicted 2015 to be a “good year.”