Energy Healing: Past Life Healing (Reiki Distance Healing!)

Energy Healing: Past Life Healing (Reiki Distance Healing!)

This video features distant energy healing (Reiki) to help you heal and come to terms with your past lives. ►► PLEASE READ BELOW FOR FULL DETAILS.

This is NOT a guided meditation as you do not need anyone to help you to know what you already know. This is a sacred space that already exists within you and through this energy medicine, your higher self will guide you towards the memories that are necessary. You will release what needs to be released. You will call back the various aspects of your being that need to return. You will unleash a sense of freedom from the past. You will no longer be attached to your fears. This healing session can and should be used repeatedly until you start to believe in your life as you are HERE today. Until you begin to notice the physical and non-physical shifts in your being. Keep using this until you finally know and understand what it means to be free. You are not the various layers of your past, nor are you your future. You are the essence of being that exists within all. It’s not trapped in time, nor can it be expressed with words. You’ll know when you know it and you’ll laugh once you awaken to its presence.

Sleeping and/or meditation are probably the best things for you to do after a session like this. Automatic writing is also a good choice. Spend time alone. BE with yourself. Just breathe.

Everything is energy, including you and numbers. When I channel I tune into specific frequencies (like you would turn a radio dial to find a station.) I connect to the frequency, ask for a specific type of energy and with permission bring it to this dimension. This process is filmed and inserted beneath the image you see on your screen.

► MANTRA YOU CAN REPEAT: I live in the present. I am the now.
► FOCUS: the violet flame, third eye, forgiveness, compassion, healing
► CRYSTALS: Sugilite, charoite, purple & blue sapphire
► MUSIC TO USE AFTER THIS SESSION: Relaxing Music for Stress Relief. Calming Music for Deep Sleep, Meditation, Therapy

Be open without expectations, this won’t ‘cure’ you. It’s energy medicine. Make sure you’ve eaten today and are well hydrated. Sit or lie down comfortably with your legs and arms uncrossed. Your body language must be open in order to allow the energy to flow. Close your eyes and allow whatever is meant to happen. Avoid the urge to resist emotions or feelings. You can also use the image on the screen as a point of focus.

Breathe. Tune into your body and ask yourself: “how do I feel?” Immediately drink a glass of water and continue to drink whenever necessary as energy work is draining. Don’t be surprised if you feel exhausted.

Spend 10 to 15 minutes after the session either walking in nature, gardening, taking care of houseplants, cooking or preparing nutritious food, listening to meditation music, be with animals or insects, meditate, stay silent, journal without thought, use positive affirmations, stretch your body, talk to God etc. Something simple that connects you to nature, spirit and your true essence.

Try to avoid the temptation to eat junk food as energy healing can be so powerful that it can cause massive sugar, carb, fat and salt cravings.

Music: “Fluidscape” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a qualified medical professional nor am I a certified energy healer, reiki master or have any physical training. I am self-taught and my only desire is to help others as I’ve helped myself. This video is not a substitute nor should it replace medical advice.

UNDERSTAND CLEARLY THAT energy healing can make you extremely emotional or feel worse especially when it’s something new to your system or if you’re holding onto a lot of pain or unresolved emotions. Don’t overdo it. Go at your own pace. Some people might not be able to take in the full session right away and that’s okay. Understand that after your session you could slowly sink into a depression as your body is now working on tapping into new energy and dissolving, removing and detoxifying whatever no longer serves you. It’s like a diet cleanse it gets really bad before it gets good again but if you feel something is wrong then discontinue your treatment as it could be the wrong treatment for you at this time. Energy healing (Reiki) is not dangerous if it doesn’t work for you it’s not meant for you at that time and you should stop.

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