How to Lose weight on a Vegan Diet // What worked for me // Silke Dewulf

How to Lose weight on a Vegan Diet // What worked for me // Silke Dewulf

Hi Guys,

In today’s video I not only want to give you guys my biggest secret to losing weight, but also be honest and vulnerable with you. This video is a critique to one of my older video’s.

It seriously concerns me that so many people are so focused on having this ‘perfect’ body. It takes up their mental space and ends up ruling their whole day. I was one of those people and honestly, I felt terrible. I was always picking at my body, pinching my fat. Until one day I was so fed up with all of it that I quite literally said ‘FUCK THIS SHIT’. I am done putting my life on pause until I achieve this ‘perfect’ body. Life is out there happening, and I don’t want to miss out. And so I did. And how ironic is life? Because from the moment I let go, the weight started shifting…

My main message here is: go out, have fun in life, don’t stress over food, listen to your body, exercise when your body and mind feel like it and stop fucking judging your own body. You are a piece of art.


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