How to sun charge/crystal charge water and why your should vortex your water before drinking

How to sun charge/crystal charge water and why your should vortex your water before drinking

Water is a living organism. It remembers all the information about the environment it has spent some time in. Cleansing your water can be done in two parts – cleaning impurities like fluoride, chlorine and other pollutants but also cleansing informational pollution.

In this video I talk about different ways to supercharge your water and make it more bio available for your body to absorb.

Enjoy and please leave a comment if you know any other way how to increase the quality of your drinking water 💦💧

Links to the bottles mentioned in the video

Vortex cups –

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2:57 Method 1 – Put the Intention into your water
4:34 Method 2 – Vortex your water
5:30 Method 3 – Use Kobold blue glass
6:55 Method 4 – Expose your water to Sun or Moon (sun charged water, moon charged water)
7:36 Method 5 – Using crystals
8:02 When to drink charged water?
8:47 How do we super charge our water at workshops


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