How to Use Healing Crystals – Part 1

How to Use Healing Crystals – Part 1

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How to Use Crystals – Part 1

A precious stone or crystalline strong is a strong material whose constituents, (for example, particles, atoms, or particles) are organized in a very requested infinitesimal structure, shaping a gem cross section that reaches out every which way. Likewise, plainly visible single gems are normally identifiable by their geometrical shape, comprising of level appearances with particular, trademark introductions. The logical investigation of precious stones and gem arrangement is known as crystallography. The procedure of precious stone arrangement by means of components of gem development is called crystallization or hardening.

The word precious stone gets from the Ancient Greek word krustallos, which means both “ice” and “shake gem”, from kruos, “frigid frosty, ice”.

Here’s Sifu David a.k.a. “The Mind and Body Mentor,” he’s going to show you How to Use Crystals? Do Crystals Really Work? What are Crystals For?

His interest with crystals are deep since he was a kid, as he grew older he started to study Chi Gong and meditation. He also started to learn How Crystals Works and How to Use Crystals for Meditation.

Learn here the difference of every Crystals and Stones, what are the benefits and power that will match your mind and body. Which one will give you more energy or strength.

Types of crystals:

Tiger Eye Crystals – Gives more energy and physical strength
Carnelian Crystals – Helps to recover body recovery and strengthening
Flourite Crystals – For Cleansing
Howell Light Crystals – Good for meditation
Rose Quartz Crystals – For love and opening up heart chakra
Clear Quartz Crystals – Good for focusing and cleansing
Hematite Crystals – Grounding and centering

Hope you may find the ones that match your body and better for you.

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David Wong is one of the world’s rare influencers who has taken the personal journey of transformation of his body, mind and spirit.

He was stricken with a chronic illness for which conventional medicine had no cure – with the only answer being to take medication for the rest of his life… which unfortunately had undesirable side effects.

He refused to accept that as the only solution and sought out holistic methods to cure his disease. After trying almost every modality he could, some worked to an extent, some didn’t work at all, but none of them worked so well that he was able to say that he was completely cured. That was until he finally discovered a little known device developed by an underground inventor.

After much experimentation, he combined this new technology with taoist qi gong practice (translated literally as “energy work” from Chinese) with electromagnetic frequency technology and finally cured himself from the disease that he suffered from for many years.

Today, in order to help others achieve their highest potential, he is the developer of the Life Force Harmonizer™, a personal transformational device based on NASA-proven technology that integrates multi-disciplinary sciences together into one human performance enhancement system.

His Life Force Harmonizer™ system is ground breaking as it blends the ancient taoist principles with scientific research on body-electrics, genetic programming and technology assisted brainwave enhancement.

He continuously works with scientists, spiritual leaders, health practitioners and martial arts masters and has discovered that “life force” is the key to health for your mind and body, a balanced lifestyle, happiness and even your ability to manifest your ideas into reality and attract prosperity.

Having practiced meditation since 10 years old, he comes from a family with a deep martial arts heritage and has the ability to manipulate electro-magnetic energy through his qi gong training. In additional to being a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student and also 3rd Generation Ip Man Student, he has studied with many martial arts masters from around the world.

It is his passion and life goal to continually stretch his limits to attain super-human health, wisdom and prosperity while mentoring students in the process who are searching to change their own lives.

To start your own journey, download David Wong’s free ebook.

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