Intense Pilates Workout with a Magic Circle & Block – The Pilates Burn Series

Intense Pilates Workout with a Magic Circle & Block – The Pilates Burn Series

Welcome to Jessi FIT Pilates. Your home to get fit toned and flexible as we #StrengthenStretchandSmile 😄

The Pilates Burn Series

Wanna get toned fast with a workout you love?

I created this workout series based on the way I train before Burning Man. You can use this advanced Pilates workout series before your next vacation, event or trip! Let’s tone your whole body, unicorn style!

Why be anything else when you can be a Pilates unicorn! Feel free to don your favorite unicorn leggings or horns to keep your spirits high as we tone strengthen and feel the Pilates burn!

To up the intensity, these workouts feature two Pilates home workout props! Double the Burn Double your Fun and most importantly let’s double your results! Join in for this festive 25-minute workout that will transform your core and so much more!

Grab a Magic Circle and a Block and join on in! If you do not have a block- try using a small pillow or a paperback book to substitute.

Magic Circle Exercise List- always consult with your doctor before starting an exercise plan. As always use discretion and skip any moves that cause joint pain.

Block and Circle

Bridge Series
Reverse Crunch and Press
Tricep & Knee Stretch
Frog & Leg Lowers
Roll Up Series
Circle Squat Twist
Seated Circle Arms
Block Glutes
Thigh Stretch Series
Push Up Taps
Elbow plank taps
Teaser Rolling
Kneeling Splits

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