Intermediate Upper body & Abs PILATES REFORMER WORKOUT

Intermediate Upper body & Abs PILATES REFORMER WORKOUT

A focused workout on arms & abs. Jump on your reformer for this great Pilates workout!

โœ… You need :
1 Reformer
โญ For :
Confirmed Beginner/Intermediate
๐ŸŽฏ Focus :
Arms & Abs.

A focused workout on arms & abs. We will start in a quadruped position, asking the core to stabilize us, lifted in space, while we mobilize through lower and upper body challenging shoulder girdle strength. We will move into unilateral challenges by removing 1-2 of the 4 pegs underneath us, learning to stay centered without weight shifting creating a stronger core. You will find the connection from your shoulders to serratus to lats to obliques to all abs in the work we do today, using full body integration. Do you struggle with โ€œwingingโ€ shoulder blades when planking ? Todayโ€™s session will greatly help develop greater shoulder girdle strength for planks. We will largely be working the posterior chain, meaning the back body, so your glutes will get worked too ! A great workout to improve posture and combat any forward slumping. And last but not least, we will work our core as we load from one side and resist being pulled off center ! A fantastic inner thigh, adductor and oblique challenge, great to work all asymmetries and help weak sides catch up with the stronger ones.
Have fun and remember if you want more, come back as many times as you like and repeat. Repetition and practice is what makes us stronger and helps us achieve our fitness goals !

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Note : All workouts are for those who have a working knowledge of Pilates basics and founding principles of how to place and move your body in correct postural alignment in all planes. Please make sure to follow the videos which are for your current level. Videos are provided for home workouts and educational purposes. In no way may any of the advice given here be considered medical. The exercises are given for the general public and cannot be considered as individual specific health or medical advice. You agree that by following these videos you are using your own sound judgment, have the approval or are under the supervision of your medical practitioner, and you are individually responsible for your movement and your results. In no way is Gone Adventuring Pilates held responsible for any risk, loss, injury, damage or liability.

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