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The bottom line is that indie developers know what Nintendo Switch gamers want. With an array of action games across sub-genres to strategy games, simulations, and more, there’s a Switch game for every taste. From the classics to something fresh and new, you can find it all on here. Plus, new releases launch all the time, making the platform even more dynamic. Beneath the silly and funny encounters is a smart puzzler with a satisfying gameplay loop.

It features a beautiful pixel art style that will immediately catch your eye and a deep customization mechanic that allows you to mold the game to your preferred method of play. At the same time, this game feeds you with a narrative rife with dialogue that’s actually pretty gripping and cleverly funny with cheeky indie references.

Review: ‘Pretending I’M A Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story’

Seeking revenge on the Lachiem Empire, Lunais works her way through this new world. She can bend time with the titular device, letting her get the upper hand on enemies as well as solve platforming puzzles. If you’ve played a Metroidvania before, Timespinner won’t surprise you. Tight combat controls, cool platforming sequences, fun boss battles, and clever puzzles make Timepinner a standout game in an extremely crowded subgenre. Part roguelike and part platformer, Neon Abyss is a brutal game that is different every run.

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As a platformer, Mega Man 2 was less challenging than its predecessor but still remained true to the source material created just a year prior. When you talk platformers and side-scrolling games, it’s impossible not to bring up Mega Man and, by proxy, Mega Man 2. Abe’s Oddysee is dark, featuring a corporation turning Mudokon’s into treats, and plenty of brutal deaths. The game can also be pretty punishing and players have to use their wits to survive RuptureFarms while often falling victim playstation emulator for pc to trial-and-error gameplay at its most difficult segments.

Mario Tennis Aces (For Nintendo Switch)

Madeline’s journey is emotional and revealing, and it’s one of the few games that accurately and unabashedly depicts mental illness. After watching her family get murdered, Lunais finds herself in a mysterious world.

Take a gander at our list, and you might just find your next favourite platformer. Finally we have Indivisible, a game that will likely make both our most anticipated platformers and most anticipated RPGs lists because it’s both! Taking a page out of the classic PS1 RPG Valkyrie Profile’s book, Indivisible’s maps are all 2D Metroidvania style environments while its battles are turn based with a fighting game edge to them. This would make sense considering that Indivisible was made by Lab Zero, the same guys behind Skullgirls, the best fighting game of all time…. The game also makes use of several eastern and islander mythologies that RPGs usually don’t dip into, and that alone is enough to pique our interest.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services—a secure cloud platform built and maintained by Amazon. Integration through Lumberyard means it’s easy to get build a game with online play. The only catch is the AWS services through Amazon cost money. However many dimensions you prefer, we’ve rounded up the best platform games on PS4 right here.

At times, you might come across a seemingly daunting task that requires you to experiment with the environment to reach your goal. Like many great puzzle games, there are a set of rules you must follow. And each new floor gives you new rules to play with, until eventually, things get out of control. The minimalist art style enhances the humor, and with so few games focusing on making you laugh, Good Job! While Celeste features some of the best 2D platforming we’ve ever played, the experience shines brightest when dealing with mental illness.