My Experience With Keto After 2 Years (What is Ketosis/Keto Overview)

My Experience With Keto After 2 Years (What is Ketosis/Keto Overview)

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I’ve been doing the ketogenic diet since 2015. In this video I tell you what is ketosis, give you my experience with keto and how to get into ketosis.

To be honest, going keto has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to nutrition and health. I’ve never felt better and I’ve improved my physiology to a great degree.

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Table of Contents:
What is Ketosis – 00:26
Why Do the Ketogenic Diet – 01:15
Misconceptions About Keto – 01:57
How to Get Into Ketosis – 04:20
How to Know If You Are in Ketosis – 05:20
My Experience With Keto – 06:38
The Adaptation Period – 07:10
Keto Mistakes You Can Avoid – 08:50
On Keto After 2 Years – 10:53
A Ketogenic Diet For Beginners – 12:45

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