North korea opens outdoor skate park on campus

North korea opens outdoor skate park on campus

Students at Nona University, which is located in Yongsan, South Chungcheong Province, are working on developing an outdoor skate park for students and students’ parents after they learned their sch코인 카지노ool had been approved for a $400,000 loan by Korea’s central bank.

The South Korea-b포항안마 포항출장샵ased bank will finance the park from 2017 to 2019, accordin트럼프 카지노g to a report in Korea’s Hankyoreh, a news website that has a special line of work for the Central Bank of Korea.

North Korea was originally supposed to get its own skate park in Yongsan, but the plan was delayed after the local government objected. The South Korean government was forced to backtrack and help finance the construction of the $400 million skate park in April 2016.


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