Omkar Sadhana | Chanting Om Om Om | Yoga For Children | Yoga For Kids | Yoga At Home

Omkar Sadhana | Chanting Om Om Om | Yoga For Children | Yoga For Kids | Yoga At Home

Pebbles present “Yoga For Children”, to help our little friends increase their capacity level both mental & physical. These asanas done everyday helps them to get relieved of their mental tensions and worries, which are caused because of the stressful way of life which we lead nowadays.

These asanas will help the children concentrate much better on their studies and increase their overall performance. Moreover, the body will stay refreshed for the whole day. The prescribed asanas when done carefully & sincerely can also lead to increase in height, avoidance of spectacles & improve the digestive system and functions of the body.

The asanas presented by Pebbles are carefully chosen and can be practised easily. These asanas coupled with requisite breathing practices keeps us refreshed at all times.

Pebbles also offers various other Yoga asanas which cater to the following areas
Yoga For Old Age, Yoga For Scitica, Yoga For Back Ache, Yoga For Children, Yoga For Beauty, Yoga For High Blood Pressure, Yoga For Heart, Yoga For Obesity, Yoga For Diabetes, Yoga For Meditation, Yoga For Stress Relief, Yoga For Self Improvement.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before performing any asanas suggested by Pebbles

The Yoga Asanas covered in Yoga For Children are as follows
Yoga For Children Introduction, Children Body Management, Facial Expressions & Facial Exercises, Marjar Mudra, Tadasan, Vrukshasan, Kukutasan, Sukhasan, Paschimottanasan, Tanasan, Hanumantasan, Utthit Trikonasan, Padangushthasan, Bakasan, Chakrasan, Sarvangasan Halasan, Yoga Breathing, Suryanamaskar, Sun Salutation, Padhastasan, Hasta Uttanasan, Konasan, Ardhakatiya Chakrasan, Purnakatiya Chakrasan, Padmasan, Tolasan, Dolasan, Mandukchhap, Titali Asan, Butterfly Pose, Badhha Padmasan, Vajrasan, Nadishodhan Pranayam, Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Kapalbhati Pranayam, Shavasan, Omkar Sadhana, Chanting Om Om Om

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