Reiki for Breaking Free from Negative Cycles & Patterns | Energy Healing

Reiki for Breaking Free from Negative Cycles & Patterns | Energy Healing

Reiki for Breaking Free from Negative Cycles & Patterns | Energy Healing – Reiki Session from a Reiki Master.▼▼▼▼ MORE INFO HERE ▼▼▼▼

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This Reiki session is intended to assist you with breaking free of negative cycles & patterns that are no longer serving you.

Feel free to do whatever you want to while this video is playing and the healing energy is being sent to you. You could read, work, study, meditate…
You could also mute the sound of this video and or minimize the screen and play it in the background without even having to watch my hands.
Immediately after hitting the play button the energy transmission will instantly flow towards you. Just be aware of the Reiki transmission and willing to receive it.

This is a “real time” Reiki session filmed from the beginning to the end. I focus on sending PURE Reiki energy, while channeling I do not speak.

During or after the session you may feel sensations of warmth, coldness, tingling, buzzing-head or nothing at all. Yawning and getting tired may also occur. It could even trigger emotional feelings or arouse memories.

This is all perfectly fine. Just relax and enjoy the healing energy flowing to you.

Important Note: Treatment with Energy Healing such as Reiki – does not promise to cure any illness or condition nor replaces professional medical treatment.

In order for Reiki to work effectively, please be open to receiving the healing energy.
It is extremely beneficial to drink water after a Reiki as part of the healing process.


I would love to hear your success stories!

May you be blessed with Happiness, Love and Prosperity!
Thank You!



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Some important words:

I did everything possible to ensure that you really enjoy this Free Reiki Video Session and I will do everything in my power, in case you need any help. However, I want to put here clearly that I do not perform miracles and I do not promise to cure anyone. In critical situations, please, use your common sense and help yourself first by seeking qualified professional help.

My services may be useful for many but not for everyone, so I wanted to emphasize that there are no promises, guarantees or representations that you will attain cure of any condition nor win or earn any money as a result of using any of my services.
The use of any of my informations, products and services should always be based on your own diligence, and you agree that I am not responsible in any way for your success nor failure. I am merely the facilitator who transmits channeled energy to you. Everything here mentioned is „energetically speaking“ and that is the sole basis of my work.

I Wish You a Lovely Spiritual Journey

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