Reiki Healing Music ✦︎ Manifest PERFECT HEALTH ✦︎ law of attraction music, healing meditation

Reiki Healing Music ✦︎ Manifest PERFECT HEALTH ✦︎ law of attraction music, healing meditation

✦︎ Reiki Healing Music
✦︎ Manifest perfect health
✦︎ law of attraction music, healing meditation

Affirmations for Healing & Health

✦︎My body heals quickly and easily
✦︎I am living a long and healthy life
✦︎I am joyous
✦︎My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way
✦︎I have vibrant health throughout my mind, body and soul
✦︎I appreciate and love my body
✦︎I love to exercise and feed my body healthy food
✦︎My body is healthier and stronger everyday
✦︎I have a perfect posture
✦︎I like to work out
✦︎I am getting better with every passing moment.
✦︎I give myself permission to have perfect health.
✦︎My body deserves to be whole and healthy
✦︎I love taking care of myself.
✦︎I manifest perfect health by making smart choices.
✦︎I enjoy being healthy, happy and whole.
✦︎I listen to the messages my body sends me.
✦︎I choose happiness and health in my life.

Manifestation is a technique used to achieve your goals be it a good job, improvement of business, a car or house of your choice, life partner of your liking, good relationships, treatment of a disease and so forth. There is no limit to what you can manifest but you have to learn the technique to do so.

There are several techniques being used for manifestation; the most popular being the power of your subconscious mind and Reiki. In the field of mind power, there are various techniques like meditation, affirmation, seeding and visualization etc. but in Reiki, the technique is much simpler. However, it requires the use of Reiki symbols, which are taught in Reiki Second and Third Degrees (Level-2 and Level-3A). Some teachers teach manifestation as part of their teaching but some teachers do not touch upon it. I teach this technique in Level-3A after teaching all the four symbols.

Reiki is generally understood as a tool to heal just the physical diseases but actually it is not so. Reiki can be used for much more than that. One can use Reiki for betterment in almost every field of life including manifestation of something particular. If you have learnt the law of attraction and know the use of mind power, you can use those techniques and manifest but generally, the limitation is that you can manifest one thing at a time. On the other hand, Reiki can be used to manifest many goals simultaneously.

When you begin the manifestation, the universal forces begin to build/change the circumstances leading to fulfillment of your goal, which takes time. Depending on what you are manifesting, it might take several days, weeks or months. Bigger targets will obviously require time. Not only this, it also greatly depends on how correctly you are using the techniques. You must continue working consistently and be patient. If you become impatient, you would only dissipate the energy. Impatience is counter productive.

You can ask for anything. There is no limit to that but there are certain ethics that one should follow.

If for example, you are looking for a good job, asking for a post where someone is already working is not correct because you are indirectly asking for removal of that person, which is unfair. Deal with other matters accordingly.

So is the case when looking for a life partner. Do not ask for a particular person. That might be against his/her free will. Manifest for the qualities that you want in your partner. Nature will bring you your best match.

Be realistic in asking. Don’t ask for a house on the moon – it is not practicable.

Never, never wish to harm someone because not only that it wouldn’t work, you might get harmed yourself. Remember the rule, “What you send, comes back to you”.

If you want to achieve perfect health, visualise and ask for a healthy mind and body. If you want to heal from some condition, don’t focus on the disease, instead focus on thoughts and feelings of perfect health.

Happy manifestations!



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