Spains ball possession something else entirely

Spains ball possession something else entirely.”

On whether he expected the ball to run into his feet after he had broken down his opponent in the closing stages of the match:

“I didn’t expect it to happen. When you are playing against teams like Man Unite예스 카지노d, or when you are playing Liverpool and Chelsea, you need to be aware of these situations because they are not just the players that are going to have big legs in a Premier League match, but the teams that are going to come out with some of the big names and big money players. “When you play United, Liverpool, Chelsea, whoev전립선 마사지er, in the final, you know that those players are going to be attacking players that have got big legs because they are hungry for the ball – and it’s what you’ve all been looking for. “When the ball is on the ground, they don’t have to be looking at you, as it’s so easy. I know that, just as a striker, you ne바카라 사이트ed to look up at the player in front of you. But on the day, when you’ve got to break down, it was important that we didn’t concede because we had to attack, the team was attacking, and the opposition wasn’t.”

On whether he was frustrated in the second half of the first half:

“I thought we played well, even if it was 1-0. There was a lot of movement because all of the players played with each other, which was good. The referee was excellent because he saw everything that we did well, including the chances, and then we conceded the second goal. “I’m just disappointed with myself because I never like to make those mistakes. When I got the second goal, I think my body was telling me to play and just try to score a goal and try to get back to the top but I couldn’t do it and I had to concede the goal.”

On why the game failed to register from him, and how he may make adjustments:

“It was just the crowd, and it was a disappointing night for me. It was a sad night for the team, for the fans as well, because they have just been in a bit of adversity in the first half. “We were playing very, very defensively, not good enough defensively to score goals, but we did concede one and I’m disappointed because we didn’t play as well as I thought we did. My body had to tell me to play because it was one of those moments where I thought I could’ve scored bu