Workout Sets/Reps – This workout will take you approx 15-20 minutes

Section 1: Circulation : approx. 2 minutes
o Arm reach up and touch toes x6
o Downward dog to plank x6
o Calf raises x20
o Leg swings x6 each side
o Arm circles x6

Section 2: Stretch: approx. 4 minutes. Hold each stretch for roughly 20-30 seconds, depending on how tight you are feeling.
o Chest stretch
o Hip flexor stretch
o Pigeon stretch
o Standing hamstring stretch
o Rotation stretch
o Shoulder stretch

Section 3: Posture – approx. 3 minutes
o Chin curls x 6
o Back extension 1 x 10 each side
o Back extension 2 x 20
o Arm row/external rotation x10

Section 4: Back support – total time approx. 5 minutes

Abs: approx. 3 minutes
o Bird dog x10 each side
o Dead bug x10 each side
o Ab curls x20
o Side plank x20 seconds each side

Glutes: approx. 2 minutes
o Clamshells x20 each side
o Clamshells + leg extension x10 reps each side


I have created this video especially for flight attendants so that you can stay healthy while flying! Whether you work for Qantas, Virgin, Singapore Airlines, Emirates or Delta Airlines (business or economy) – your movement on the plane is extremely restricted!

As you know, crossing time zones can majorly disrupt your circadian rhythm which can take a huge toll on your body physically and mentally.

Your body is constantly fatigued and your movement on the plane is restricted. You may find yourself constantly in bad posture or with a sore back and feet.

I have no experience as a flight attendant (in fact I hate flying) but I have been on enough flights to know that even as a passenger your body can be left feeling completely out of whack, so I can only imagine what you guys would be feeling!

Exercise is a great way to counteract fatigue and poor movement but the problem is, it is difficult to have a consistent routine when you are travelling, and we all know hotel gyms are hardly inspirational!

So that’s where I step in! I have made a workout for you that you can do in your hotel room, hotel gym or in between flights. You won’t need any equipment and I have grouped the workout into 5 categories: Circulation, Stretch, posture, back support. I will do the workout with you so you can follow along! have also provided all of the sets and reps above! All you need to do is set up a mat or towel to make the ground feel more comfortable. No other equipment is required!

If you have any questions, please write me a comment and if you want more exercises like this, you can check out my online 12 week Pilates program Ebook – The Duo Pilates Method.

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