The Ketogenic Diet & Body Type Tips

The Ketogenic Diet & Body Type Tips

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Dr. Berg talks about ketogenic diet and body types. If you add the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and body types. There are 4 body types, ovary, liver, adrenal and thyroid.
ADRENAL: -Add more protein, add more sleep, keep your potassium higher, more vitamin C food and more cholesterol food (egg yolk).
OVARY: -Make sure you do organic to avoid herbacides, non-GMO food, avoid excess estrogen and soy. More cholesterol foods are also recommended because ovary hormones are make from cholesterol. Cruciferous foods and iodine from sea kelp is also recommended. Also try to keep your proteins at 6 ounces.
-Keep the protein a bit lower – 3 ounces.
-Avoid cruciferous vegetables unless you add sea kelp
-Add sea kelp to get more iodine
-Do intermittent fasting at 1 meal per day
-Use lower amounts of protein (3 ounces)
-Limit the amount the nuts you consume
-Add cruciferous vegetables
-Go gradual with fats
-Lots of vegetables are essential

In this video I am going to give you some tips on combining the body types with ketogenic diet and Intermittent Fasting. If you have all three of this together you would really get your body healthy fast. The book that is coming out very soon I know I have been saying that for the year and a half but it is really in the last little phase right now has all these information in detail. I am going to give you a couple of tips from it right now. We are putting this layer of body types over to the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting just to make it an amazing program. Let’s talk about the adrenal body type first and yes you might be a combination of two, three or four of these but I am not going to get into that in this video. We are just going to talk about what you are going to do if you are an adrenal type. You are going to do ketogenic diet and also intermittent fasting but you are going to go higher with the protein and instead of 3oz. you would do 6 because you are in a breakdown mode of protein you are going to need a little bit more. You also need a little bit more of sleep as stress reduction, you want to do things to bring stress down, you want to go long walks, you give yourself more recovery time, and you probably want to take naps. But try to get a little bit more sleep on that. I always like to use the acupressure tool on my body to get me to wind down a little faster, you can do that as well. Potassium is important for adrenal that means a lot of greens, the electrolyte powder would be good. The potassium helps the adrenal calm down, it is a physiological relaxer mineral for the fight or flight nervous system. You actually need more cholesterol with the adrenal body type because all of the hormones that are produced by the adrenals are made from cholesterol. You don’t want to go low fat at all. Egg yolks are the best, vitamin C foods that’s in the vegetables.


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