The Real Yoga Benefits For Men – Don't Miss Your Next Class!

The Real Yoga Benefits For Men – Don't Miss Your Next Class!

What are the yoga benefits for men? Are #yoga exercises for men really useful?

There is a misconception about this ancient practice nowadays. It is viewed as some lighter form of #workout, mainly focused on #flexibility, and thus more suitable for women.

It may be interesting to know, that in ancient times, in India, yoga was mainly practiced by men. And even today it is not only focused on making you more flexible, but it also offers some really challenging poses, such as Mayurasana, Salabhasana, Vrischikasana – that develop strength in the whole body.

Yoga is good for #abs, it can help men with back pain, it promotes weight loss (not instantly, though – you need to practice regularly to get the results, which stick).

Yoga is a great form of training for older men, especially those over 50, because it tones muscles, improves #circulation, prevents cardiovascular disease, and gives many more benefits every man can enjoy and appreciate.


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