Weight Loss AMAZING before and after Special Series Part 1 Joseph Hill

Weight Loss AMAZING before and after Special Series Part 1 Joseph Hill

Raw Vegan before and after on a raw food diet.


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Part 1 of thehealthylife.com weight loss special series proudly presents Joseph Hill, a fantastic example of what a raw vegan diet can do for a typical overweight person. He not only went from Santa Claus to Tarzan, but looks 30 years younger. The transformation is amazing. Watch and be inspired!

One of the most important things to acquire is a mood of gratitude..

Abstract. What role do positive emotions play within positive psychology? Traditional views would suggest that experiences of positive emotion signal well-being and perhaps guide behavior in the moment. Without minimizing the importance of these functions, the broaden-and-build theory casts positive emotions in a much larger role. The theory suggests that positive emotions, although fleeting, also have more long-lasting consequences. From the perspective of the broaden-and-build theory, positive emotions are vehicles for individual growth and social connection: By building people’s personal and social resources, positive emotions transform people for the better, giving them better lives in the future.

The heal yourself Journey of Joseph Hill:
Started eating Vegan, drank clean water, stopped smoking, and quit watching the news.

Abstract: The relationship between happiness and health has been a topic studied in prior research, however not in relation to behavioural risk factors. This paper presents evidence that behavioural risk factors specifically drinking, smoking, and dietary intake participate in the determination of happiness levels.Two global surveys, the World Value Survey, WVS,and Study on global AGEing and adult health, SAGE, were compared using three variables: happiness level, satisfaction with life, and health assessment. The question and responses across the four countries of China, India, Russian Federation, and South Africa were analyzed and it was found that the two surveys had similar responses and that there is indeed a correlation between good health and increase in happiness levels. Pearson correlation coefficients were done with each of the risk factors in relation to the three variables in the SAGE and positive or weak negative correlations were found suggesting that behavioural risk factors of increased drinking and smoking habits decreased happiness levels and decreased fruit and vegetable intake similarly decreased happiness levels.

Stress caused my hair to fall out

Abstract. Conclusion: Hair loss is more prevalent in the male population, males show 2 times more hair loss than females, and there is a strong relationship between stress and hair loss.

The cleaner you are…vegan diet…the more you are able to give to others

The relationship between diet and the intestinal microbial profile appears to follow a continuum, with vegans displaying a gut microbiota most distinct from that of omnivores, but not always significantly different from that of vegetarians. The vegan gut profile appears to be unique in several characteristics, including a reduced abundance of pathobionts, including Enterobacteriacea, and a greater abundance of protective species such as F. prausnitzii. Vegans also appear to lack the intestinal microbiota for converting dietary l-carnitine into the proatherosclerotic TMAO. Reduced levels of inflammation may be the key feature linking the vegan gut microbiota with protective health benefits. The role of dietary fiber in promoting lower levels of inflammation in subjects following a vegan diet warrants further exploration. The influence of plant versus animal protein sources on microbial profiles, metabolic syndrome and inflammation may be an avenue for future research as well.

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