What is Reiki – Introduction – Episode 1

What is Reiki – Introduction – Episode 1

what is Reiki – Introduction – Episode 1

Video presented by – Dr Meenakshi.A M.B.B.S.,D.G.O

For Healing and Initiation : 98455 33655 / 93412 27211

For more details, please visit the website www.energynests.com

To date, she has trained crores of people from different countries on these invaluable and ancient methods of healing, who in turn, are contributing to the society on these valuable healing techniques.

After 18 years of medical practices and 21 years of various types of spiritual services, she has explored the subtle problem of what human beings get into, such as:

Chronic diseases like cancer
Loss in business
Sudden accidents
Mental illness

To enhance Mental, Physical health & Prosperity (MPP), she is doing Human Aura Analysis with a simple machine that will show the energy status (Aura) of a person.

A person’s aura is scanned and individual readings are measured which indicate the levels of Physical, Emotional, Mental well-being. According to the readings, necessary corrective measures are also provided.

The readings are so accurate that when this prediction from scanner is provided, it is 100% accurate and can be proven by the individual’s medical tests as well.


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