Yoga Is Union: Music for Yoga & Relaxation "Savasana"

Yoga Is Union: Music for Yoga & Relaxation "Savasana"

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The music sensation that has ignited New York City’s yoga scene is now available for everyone. Tom Colletti’s Yoga Is Union is masterfully composed and designed to complement all yoga practices. Colletti delivers a perfectly balanced album that is upbeat enough to keep you energized, yet also serene enough to shift you into a state of peaceful, open receptivity.
Designed with a track list that can be scaled to fit any length of yoga class, Yoga Is Union delivers a fresh and modern musical offering created with a genuine reverence for the spiritual heart of yoga. “Our inspiration for the tracklist was Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga,” Colletti explains. “We made this music to be authentic while also being fun and liberating.”

This CD was developed to assist yoga teachers and to also assist those people who practice yoga asanas on their own. Many listen just to relax.

Whether your class is 60, 75 or 90 minutes, this yoga album is designed to play from beginning to end. The last three (3) tracks were composed as music for Savasana!

The track list coincides with the intelligence of Maharishi Patanjali’s “The Eight limbs of

Yoga.” Each track delivers pure intentions and supports the union of body, mind and spirit.
Yama: self control (eight limbs of Patanjali)
Niyama: personal observances (eight limbs of Patanjali)
Asana: body posture (eight limbs of Patanjali)
Pranayama: breathing techniques and control of prana (eight limbs of Patanjali)
Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses (eight limbs of Patanjali)
Bodhi: awaken, become fully aware
Abhyasa: consistent practice
Dharana: concentration of the mind (eight limbs of Patanjali)
Dhyana: stop all thinking, realize truth (eight limbs of Patanjali)
Samadhi: union with the divine (eight limbs of Patanjali)
Mouna: silence in stillness
Savasana: state of complete relaxation


“Tom’s music nourishes one’s body, mind and soul… wonderful!”
—Claire Diab, American Yoga Academy & Director of Yoga at the Chopra Center

“The best music possible for a yoga class.”
—Hilaria Thomas, Yoga Vida NYC

“Pristine music for yoga.”
—Elena Brower, Founder of Virayoga in NYC and Global Yoga Ambassador for Adidas

“The ideal backdrop to any practice.”
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